DOLASHOES provides a new rapid and completely free process for return and exchange in 3 easy steps for all customers in Europe and U.S.

#1. Submit your request for free return/exchange at our Return Center

#2. Wait for DOLASHOES's confirmation in 1 to 4 hours (business)

#3. Schedule a pick-up or print the return label for leaving the package at Fedex/TNT point



If customer has received shoes and they don't fit right, they should contact us as soon as possible within 14 days of receiving the order. As long as they’re in an unworn condition, we’ll happily remake them free of charge in a different size.

Please note our materials are sourced in batches and can be subject to availability. In the event that a remake for your order has been placed and processed, we will do our best to remake your shoes to the same specifications as your original order. If this is not possible due to changes to our product, range and offering, we will notify you.

Customer can have only one exchange for product which does not fit.

The specified foot and calf size values will be taken as minimal and automatically recalculated by the modeling software to match your shoes to the highest standards of quality and convenience. Therefore, there is a possibility of a difference (increase) between your specified size and the actual size. The Client bears full responsibility for the submitted size and, in the event that they are incorrect, the cost of the adjustment is borne by the customer.



The shoes will be considered faulty if they are received damaged, or a manufacturing fault occurs within 30 days of purchase. Shoes damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty.

When possible, we’re happy to repair faulty items. Alternatively, we’d love to replace them with a pair made in the same design.

In any case it is not possible to replace the order with a shoe in a different than the original design.

If the product is not faulty the customer can exchange it only once – if the size he has ordered does not fit. If not faulty customer cannot return the product for no other reason that wrong size and also can do so only once. After the customer has received an exchanged product in a different size he can no longer return it.

If the customers needs to return his shoes he can submit the Returns Form for his shoes. We'll then send you details on how to return them to us and confirm the next steps to remake or refund your shoes. Alternatively he can also contact the support of the webshop.



Customer may only request a full refund if the product is faulty. If the product is faulty customer can either choose DOLASHOES to replace/repair it or choose a full refund. If he chooses a full refund he needs to contact the support of the webshop or alternatively he can also choose to fill in the return form on the return policy section of the webshop.



Each product has a 30 day guarantee policy. If any defect occurs within the 30-day period, then the customer has the right to request a repair/replacement or refund. The guarantee policy does not cover damage which occurs in some of the following terms:

  • Customer has used his shoes under extreme conditions
  • Discoloration of the skin after incorrectly used for staining or cleaning
  • Damaged done on purpose



The received product may differ slightly from the visualization of the product from the site. Slight differences like slight color variation are not considered a reason for the product to be considered faulty. Products are considered wrong if there is a significant variation of the type of the chosen shoe, heel, color, accessories, size or other key features from the ordered shoe. In this case the product can be considered faulty and can be replaced/repair or refund following the known procedure. Customer must very carefully describe the differences from the ordered product.



Customer may cancel his order for custom-made models at any time unless the order has been send as a request for manufacturing in the factory. Customer will be informed via email about any change of the status of his order. Once his order gets status “in manufacturing process” then he may no longer cancel his order. He will get an automatic email about the status change. Once this happens we will no longer have the ability to cancel his order. Customer will also not be able to cancel his order.

If customer has the right to cancel the order ( the order has not yet reach status "in manufacturing process" then he can do so by contacting the support of the webshop or by login to his account in the webshop.

If customer wishes to make a change in already ordered product, then he must first cancel his order and go to his profile in the webshop. Through there he must go to “my orders” and click on the ordered product he wishes to edit. Then he will go to the product page with configuration features and may make the desired changes. Then he must make a new order. He must also be sure that he has cancelled his previous order.

Customers may cancel any order for a non-personalized model ( from the Ready-to-wear collections) at any time before shipment for no reason. Customers can order replacement and/or return of a product within 14 days. The request for free return/exchange must be submitted at our Return Center. As an alternative customers can complete this form. If our clients encounter any difficulties, they can contact our customer service center for assistance.